About jet

Why are jet educator evaluations so revolutionary? Because instead of requiring you to compose a lengthy, one-off, evaluation for each educator, jet allows you to select from a menu of specific, concrete, easy-to-see and understand objectives.

  • The website creates an observation form automatically.
  • You can observe for and evaluate the educator's level of performance on each of the objectives you've selected.
  • You print out the evaluation with a click of a button.
  • The educator sees a clear and unambiguous description of their level of performance on each objective, and even more importantly, a description of their goal—satisfactory or even excellent performance.
  • The website retains each educator's evaluation so you can follow up on the exact same objectives in subsequent evaluations.
  • We'll even show you how to create and store your own objectives if you want more than what's available.

jet educator evaluations are so different, you can't make an informed decision about them unless you try using them.

Our offer: you can have a free trial of jet educator evaluations for up to 12 teachers (or 12 principals)! Take the jet for a test drive and then you decide. We're sure you'll be a customer for life.

Sample jet evaluation (PDF)

Sample PPS jet evaluation (PDF)