What is jet educator evaluations?

jet educator evaluations is a revolutionary teacher evaluation tool that is designed to address the common problems that principals encounter when assessing teachers. Gone are the days of lengthy written narratives about the teacher's performance, misaligned expectations, and impossible to track metrics.

jet is designed to streamline the evaluation process by providing clean and specific expectations for teachers to strive for, clear and concise descriptions for principals to monitor, and customizable options to focus the evaluations specifically to your organization.

Why should my school use jet educator evaluations?

By simplifying the teacher evaluation process, jet lets teachers fully understand what is expected of them and lets principals better assess teacher performance. By doing so, your school district can let teachers spend more time teaching and let principals and other officials guide the vision for the school.

How does jet actually evaluate teacher performance?

Unlike traditional teacher evaluations, jet gives teachers all the tools they need to be successful prior to stepping into the classroom. Clear and specific descriptions for satisfactory and excellent performances on each objective the principal evaluates are given to each teacher prior to the year beginning.

Teachers are then reviewed through a combination of classroom observations and out of classroom discussions. jet provides evaluators with observations to look for and questions to ask, taking much of the “guesswork” out of the teacher review.

What are the performance levels that teachers can receive?

Educators are evaluated on a five level, easy to understand system. Teachers that exceed all expectations consistently receive an Excellent Performance rating. Those who fail to meet expectations receive Unsatisfactory scores. Each of the five scores are fully described, making it easy for evaluators to score teachers, and for teachers to understand how they can improve.

How can an automatic teacher evaluation software fit the ever changing needs of my school?

jet educator evaluations has a wizard that enables you to add your own expectations to our extensive bank of evaluation resources, letting you craft a system specifically for your staff. The wizard helps you create points to look for in classroom observations and describe the levels of performance for your objectives.

How can I try jet educator evaluations?

For a limited time, we are letting you take jet for a test flight and decide if it is the best solution for your teacher evaluation needs. You can use jet for up to 12 teachers absolutely free for one evaluation cycle.

After that evaluation cycle, we're sure you'll be a customer for life!