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  1. Why jet evaluations?

    jet evaluations are designed to address the common problems principals encounter when they do teacher evaluations in the traditional way.
    This presentation will touch on these problems and explain the revolutionary features in jet evaluations that solve the problem.
    Then we'll make you an extraordinary offer.
  2. jet evaluations are much faster

    Traditional evaluations require a lengthy written narrative describing the teacher's performance.
    jet evaluations has descriptions of levels of teacher performance in all areas, so that the principal can simply select the level of performance that describes the teacher and jet educator evaluations will print it out for you.
    You will have the most specific evaluations you ever had in a fraction of the time you used to spend.
  3. jet evaluations are more fair

    It is difficult in evaluations to specify for teachers what is expected of them, or if you do, to write out in enough detail all of the areas in which you want them to perform.
    jet evaluations have clear and specific expectations for teacher behavior for every objective that can be printed out ahead of time and shared with all teachers.
    There are no surprises in jet evaluations.
  4. jet evaluations are more effective

    In the typical initial evaluation the principal must describe deficiencies, which does little to help the teacher know what to do to improve.
    jet evaluations automatically includes for the teacher a clear and specific description of the expectations for satisfactory and excellent performance on each objective the principal evaluates.
    Teachers have a clear target to focus their efforts for improvement.
  5. jet evaluations are directly aligned with observations

    Many school systems have lists of expectations but these are not aligned to observation tools.
    For every one of the specific expectations in the jet evaluation system, there is a specific "look-for" to be used in classroom observations, or an "ask about" to be used in discussions with the teacher.
    The "look-fors" and "ask-abouts" enable you to easily gather all the information you need to complete the evaluation.
  6. jet evaluations can target problems

    It is difficult to think of all the specific teacher behaviors that should be addressed given a problem in a classroom.
    jet evaluations will print out for you a list of teacher expectations (and the look-fors and ask-abouts) related to a particular classroom problem such as student non-compliance, lack of motivation, or poor mastery of content.
    This allows you to observe for and evaluate the teacher behaviors probably needed to fix an observed problem.
  7. jet evaluations are more individualized

    Many evaluation systems provide global observation tools that may not really address the areas in which the teacher needs to develop professionally.
    jet evaluations allow you to select only the specific expectations this teacher needs to improve upon. The system will give you only the look-fors and ask-abouts you need to evaluate specifically those objectives fall and spring.
  8. Less guesswork in jet evaluations

    Many observation tools or evaluation systems name nice sounding expectations, which are unfortunately very "high inference," requiring a lot of guesswork to evaluate.
    jet evaluation performance indicators are "low inference" easy-to-see, objective descriptions of classroom or teacher behavior. It is not hard to see where the teacher falls on the continuum of choices.
  9. jet evaluations have easy-to-choose levels of performance

    #5 Excellent performance - describes performance that is truly outstanding.
    #4 Sometimes excellent but not yet consistently.
    #3 Satisfactory performance - describes a teacher trying to do what is expected even if the results are not yet impressive.
    #2 Sometimes satisfactory but not yet consistently
    #1 Unsatisfactory performance - describes a teacher not (yet)making the effort to do what is expected.
  10. jet evaluations are consistent

    It is often very difficult to be sure to address the exact same issues in the spring evaluation as were addressed in the fall evaluation, not to mention being consistent with the description and the evaluation.
    jet evaluations automatically preserves the objectives, descriptions and ratings of each teacher's evaluation for the principal to use again in subsequent evaluations.
  11. jet evaluations are customizable

    You might think that an automatic evaluation system might make it very difficult to add or change things. Not so!
    jet evaluations has a wizard that will enable you to add your own expectations to our extensive bank of teacher expectations specifically for your staff. The wizard will help you create the look-fors and describe the levels of performance for your objectives. It will then be added to your school's data base and available for you to use along with those in our set.
  12. jet evaluations can support professional development

    Usually professional development, observations and evaluations are not well aligned.
    jet evaluations allow a principal to select (or customize) a set of expectations for the school.
    These expectations can then be
    > Given to teachers at the start of the year,
    > Taught in professional development,
    > Looked for in observations,
    > Made part of everyone's evaluation
  13. Our extraordinary offer

    We have used jet educator evaluations and found it to create the best, fastest, easiest, most fair and most effective evaluations we have ever done - we are very confident that you will love it too.
    Our offer: you can try out jet educator evaluations by making evaluations on up to 12 teachers for free! Take it for a test drive and then you decide. If you decide to purchase a jet license, you can keep the evaluations and continue on from there.  We're sure you'll be a customer for life.